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Day Care and Luncheon Services

by Cape Community Day Care Centre

About our activities / service

Accessibility details Fully accessible
Opening hours 11 am to 3 pm.

Opening days

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The Cape Community Day Centre established since 1982 and is run by 6 Trustees and a committed and loyal team of volunteers who provides Day care and Luncheon services for older people twice a week, 80% of our members are African Caribbean, most of our client group are frail, vulnerable - isolated within their own homes. A Meals on Wheels Service to the clients that are unable to leave their homes and a befriending service that ensures people feel connected. Alongside a Visiting project where house bound clients are visited weekly and quarterly social outings which empower the volunteers. Located in a deprived area, settled migrants utilize the services offered aiding knowledge of local facilities, encouraging security and social inclusion and is a Community ‘ local hub which encourages like-minded individuals of all ages to come together to share and learn new skills and develop their capacity to address our community’s prominent social and health concerns. The main purpose is to reduce social isolation, giving carers respite, bringing different communities together, ensuring the BME service users have a healthy hot meal and are kept connected with ‘primary care referrals’ to professional services and up to date health awareness sessions/initiatives. Our project is to provide Community activities such as Fitness, Singing, Drumming and Craft sessions with the aim of improving their physical and mental health enabling them to be more active within their community also to combat dementia, aiding independence and confidence which will keep all Beneficiaries physically fit, happier, socially connected and support them to stay in their homes for longer taking the pressure of the NHS and the Visiting Service to ‘Shut in’s’ who are Elderly, vulnerable, isolated, lonely and excluded from the community – with the majority having a form of Mental or Physical disability e.g. Dementia or Visual or wheelchair. Our activities bring members of our community together regardless of their age, ability or ethnicity to share experiences, make new social networks that support their emotional health and wellbeing in a relaxed and inviting environment. We want to enable them to develop as individuals and feel more connected to the world around them; by providing them with the tools they need to help themselves via laptop, mobile phone tutorials, using drumming and up to date Health seminars to improve their health and wellbeing. Many of our beneficiaries are elderly and from migrant communities or come to us with specific learning needs. For these beneficiaries we offer the opportunity to reconnect with the community around them, create social networks and new friendships, provide accessible and affordable activities which enables them to be more active and raise aspirations and supports the reduction of social isolation and loneliness. By bringing people together from the earliest opportunity to build a more resilient and integrated community that works together to tackle our community’s diverse needs.

Staff qualifications Staff qualified to deliver the services of Cape Caring Community Centre.
Genders Both
Age focus 26-65 year olds, 65+ year olds

About the organisation

Day car centre and place of worship. The Cape Hill Day Care Centre provides day care and luncheon club services for older people twice a week. While 80% of the members are African Caribbean, the Centre welcomes all cultures and nationalities. Most are frail, vulnerable and isolated in their homes. With financial support from Sandwell Social Services for one day, the luncheon club is funded by volunteers. The Centre offers meals on wheels to house bound clients and a has befriending service for people who attend the Day Centre that ensures people are connected. We do not do a telephone befriending service. There are quarterly social outings and weekly crafts, IT and exercise sessions. Newly settled migrants utilise the services of the Centre aiding knowledge of local facilities, encouraging security and social inclusion. The Centre is run independently of the Church, the International Firstborn Church of The Living God. Sunday service is from 11 am - 2.30 pm; with Sunday School 11 am – 12 noon followed by a Devotional Service. Evening Service 6 pm – 8 pm. Bible Class and Prayer Meetings alternate Wednesday.

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